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Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Bicycle Helmet Saves Child's Life

On April 26, 2010 A child was run over by a Jeep Cherokee right in front of the BicycleXchange. Paul Slater, director of the BXC heard the accident and rushed out to see what had happened. Both the bike and child were under the car. Paul climbed under the car and dislodged the the boys leg from the exhaust lifted the boy as fellow citizens pulled him out by his shirt. The boy was wearing a helmet that was given away by the BicycleXchage months earlier. The helmet was completely shattered but, the boy's head had no noticeable abrasion or concussion. Immediately the boy was air lifted to the nearest hospital. Turns out he suffered a broken leg and a few major gashes but all will heal doctors say. Thank you BicycleXchange for the free helmets, we believe the accident could have been much worse without it. Keep'em coming. And thank you for the efforts to make cycling safer in our communities.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Best Bmx post by the BicycleXchange Community Built Bikes

The BicycleXchange has a notible important Sponsor

Recently the Indiantown Lions Club has agreed to be the official parent not for profit by adopting the BicycleXchange as an important community asset. This incredible honor grants the BicycleXchange the ability to give donors and charitable tax write off. With this opportunity we hope to achieve ever greater success in establishing Indiantown Florida 33458 and as safe bicycle friendly community! Thank you Indiantown Lions Club of Martin County.

BicycleXchange is OPEN 7 DAYS a WEEK!@#$

As of Feb. 1st. the BXC is open MON-FRI 2-6pm and SAT/SUN 11-5
bring your bike or work on ours theys lots of community customization happening 7 days a week
Keep in tune on facebook "BicycleXchange Volunteer" See you soon!!!!/profile.php?id=100000449337453&ref=mf